Night at the Museum

Fair | Clip
Aug 14, 2023 | 4 min

Fairgoers take a nighttime tour to learn more about the history of the fair in a social gathering at the Iowa State Fair Museum.


[Emily Wynn] We are at Night at the Museum which is our Fair After Dark event. Night at the Museum is a time for adults 21 and over to check out the museum and have a drink and try out our state fair cocktail that we have for tonight. 

[Bartender] As long as it has whisky in it, whatever else you put in it will be fine, right? 

[Emily] They get to come up and learn something in the museum. All after dark.


[Melisa Medina] It's kind of fun, actually. Sit. Come to the fair. Have a few drinks. Rock in a rocker on the front porch. Sounds really great to me. And then I got here, and it's trivia, and I'm a trivia nerd so...


[Melisa] Oh, I love history. I am a mathematician by trade, but history is something I love. I love seeing the historic tractors in Pioneer Hall and everything else, it has been great. This is going to be a good chance for me to walk around and see everything.


[Francisco Gonzalez] We saw the Fair After Dark advertised and thought it would be cool to have a couple drinks and learn history about the Iowa State Fair and there is a scavenger hunt, it's kind of fun.


[Francisco] All right, one more.

[Emily] After Dark has been going on for about four years and we have rotated through different areas. We did the Animal Learning Center and the Food Center and this year it was the museum. We have all kinds of fun, interactive locations all across the fairgrounds and this is our way to highlight those. Not only do we have the animal barns and the Grandstand, but we also have a museum. It's really fun because there are people that have come to every single one of them so this is like their tradition at the Iowa State Fair. They come to the fair After Dark and have a great time from 8:30 to 10:30 at night.


[Francisco] I had never been to Iowa before and it's now the 40th state I have visited, and I thought there is no better place to come than the fair. This is amazing. America at its finest.

[Stephanie Holmes] Love it, love it. It's Americana, love it.