Little Hands on the Farm

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Aug 15, 2023 | 4 min

Young children get to experience what life is like on the farm through the stations at Little Hands on the Farm.


[Monica Friday] Little Hands on the Farm teaches kids that agriculture is part of their life. The food that they go to the grocery store and eat is actually grown on farms. And a lot of that is grown on Iowa farms. 

[Alana Knutson] It's where you get to experience how to be a farmer. 

[Producer] What is it like being a farmer? 

[Alana] It's dirty work. Because you have to milk cows, you have to take care of pigs. And you have to do a lot of things like pick apples and get all the fruit and vegetables. 

[Monica] There are 12 different interactive stations, from the pig barn to the garden to the grain bin, chickens where they get to gather things, then they get to sell that at the market. They get a dollar that they can go in and purchase something at the store. 

[Producer] What did you win? 

[Lytt Pienta] A super tomato. 

Double rake. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Bury the tomatoes. It's going to be very hard for the super tomato to grow if it doesn't have all the dirt in the world. My super tomato's going to be 15 million tons at the least. Whoosh, whoosh! You need a lot of water to make solid gold. 

♪♪ ♪♪ 

[Braelyn Knutson] It's very fun to milk the cows and get eggs from the chickens. You get to see how it works and how farmers actually do it. 

[Producer] Do you think farming is hard work?

[Braelyn] Yes. 

[Child] I don't know if I can -- this might be hard. Argghh! 

[Alexa Kajewski] What I like about it is going into the cow -- the barn full of cows. I've never actually milked a cow before, but I've seen cows because we have friends, our parents have friends that have cows. The utters feel so realistic, you feel like you're actually milking a cow. 

[Monica] It's a really good family activity. This is a great place for parents or grandparents to bring their kids. It's fenced in, relaxed atmosphere. Everything is for the kids so there's nothing they can hurt. It's a very safe area, and they're getting educated on agriculture. 

[Alexa] We were here last year and this year, and we're going to be back next year.