Fair | Clip
Aug 16, 2023 | 3 min

There's more than meets the eye with this entertainment at the 2023 Iowa State Fair.


[Brooke] This is one of the strolling acts at the Iowa State Fair. As you can see. Tell us a little bit about it.

[Jeremiah Trippett] So as you see, we do morph or change, from a car into a robot form. We are entertainment, we like to drive around, take pictures, We like to high-five. We dance. We do anything to create memorable events for people at the fair, kids and adults alike. 


[Brooke] Walk us through all of the parts.

[Jeremiah] Okay, so what we have here at the bottom is what's considered boots. This is essential to the suit because it helps us drive around. We have to make sure every part of it from the bottom to the ankle to the calf almost always to the high knee is secure so we're able to drive. Next the axle, another controlling part of the suit where you turn left, turn right. Sometimes do doughnuts, do different tricks that amaze the crowds.

[Brooke] Just like that.

[Jeremiah] Right. In here we have the hood, which allows us to actually shift and morph into the car. Go down and go up. Always try to do safety before entertainment. So we usually put our hoods up so we make sure there's no kids around us, before they run up. so when we drive no one gets hurt. 


[Man] That's awesome. 


[Brooke] If you're at the fairgrounds this year, keep an eye out for my two new friends. You never know what they might morph into.