2023 Iowa State Fair Queen, Kalayna Durr

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Aug 17, 2023 | 4 min

Meet the 2023 Iowa State Fair Queen, Kalayna Durr of Henry County.


[Bill Riley] What a thrill to have the 2023 Iowa State Fair Queen here with us. I'd like to introduce you to Kalayna Durr. she's from Henry County. My dear, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule. What an honor to have you here to talk about your crowning and all of the things coming forward as you tour the state fair. Tell us a little bit about your family. 

[Kalayna Durr] As you said, I'm from Henry County. New London's my small little town, proud to represent. My parents are Dina Boker, Daniel Hester and Tony and Ann Durr. And I have three little siblings, so one of them is not too little, but it's a little to me. So I have a 14-year-old brother, a three-year-old brother and an eight-month-old little sister. 

[Bill] My three older sisters still call me "Little Bill," so that that's always going to be in play. Tell us a little bit about the excitement when your name was called on stage.

[Kalayna] Like I said, I did not expect it whatsoever. I had actually thrown all my clothes into my suitcase and they were all wrinkled when I got here. I had to have all of them steamed and stuff, but it was just the best feeling ever. I completely went numb. I was speechless. I still am speechless. 

[Bill] And well deserved. Tell us briefly about your goals and some of your interests coming up this year.

[Kalayna] I will be attending DMACC here in a short week or so. I'll be studying AG business and then I plan to transfer to Iowa State for AG education. Like we were talking about earlier, my plan is to go back to my small town and start an AG program and FFA chapter at my school. 

[Bill] That is so important to your community, giving back to the community. Well, what a thrill to have the 2023 Iowa State Fair Queen here with us. Kalayna Durr from Henry County.