Sling Shot

Fair | Clip
Aug 17, 2023 | 4 min

Travis Graven heads to Thrillzone to check in on the extreme Slingshot ride.


[Travis Graven] I've been out here walking the fairgrounds, seeing exhibits, eating the food, but now I think I'm ready for something exciting. An adrenaline rush of some sort. Let's go see what we can find. 

(Travis looking at the Sky Glider and Ferris Wheel) (Travis considering the Ye Olde Mill)

Hmmmm, it's cute. But I think it's a little bit slow.

(Travis considering the Sky Glider)

I do like the bird's eye view that this one provides, but eh? A little boring. 

(Travis drives a bumper car)

I still think we can do more exciting.

(Travis considering the Ferris Wheel)

Hmm, this one does have some height to it, but you just sit there in a circle. Still a little tame for my taste. 

I don't know maybe it's just not meant... 

(Travis spots something nearby)

Oh yeah baby, there it is. 

(Travis looks up at a seat attached by bungee cords to two parallel towers.)

I am about to go on this what can you tell me to expect? 

[Brandon Will] It's a rush. You go real quick. Got some good flips in there. But yeah, it's just like a nice light free fall and it's kind of relaxing once you slow down. 

[Travis] Relaxing? Yeah, that's not what I think when I look at that. 

[Travis] What did you think? 

[Ryker Kooima] It was amazing. It's probably the best ride I've ever been on in my life. 

[Travis] What made it so cool? 

[Ryker] Just the speed and the rush of the wind. And going upside down was really fun too. 

[Travis] How about you?

[Kayla Kooima] Yeah, I really like the feeling when your stomach kind of drops out underneath and then that big rush of the free fall. I like the free fall.

[Travis] Grandpa and Grandson here.

[Mike Wilt] Yes.

[Travis] How was it? 

[Mike] Great. 

[Owen Scott] It's pretty scary. 

[Travis] Pretty scary? 

[Owen] It was normal going up first. And then when you went to tip back down, it was when it got scary. 

[Travis] Tell me what the slingshot is. 

[Cole Barendregt, Hot Shot Thrill Rides] It's an amusement ride. It sends you 200 feet in the air at about 100 miles an hour. Approximately 5Gs. It's fun. You're supposed to be scared. That's the fun part, you know? It's a good ride, you know?

[Travis] That's the thrill in the thrill ride. You gotta have a thrill element of being scared? 

[Cole] Yeah, that's what makes it fun.

[Travis] Any last minute advice? 

[Cole] Just have fun keep your hands up. 

[Travis] All right, here we go.

(Ride carriage springs 100 feet in the air)

[Travis] Oh, oh my gosh, that is a rush. Oh my God, that was that was exciting. I'm glad I did not eat lunch before I went because that would have been a problem. But I would highly recommend this ride. 10 out of 10.