Governor’s Charity Steer Show

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Aug 17, 2023 | 5 min

Iowa Celebrities show cattle at the 2023 Governors Charity Steer Show.


[Blair Ryan] Here in the Livestock Pavilion, happening right now, is the Governor's Annual Charity Steer Show. 

[Emcee] First year end of the ring is sponsored by the Iowa Beef Industry Council and the Iowa Cattlemen's Association. And you will recognize Governor Kim Reynolds leading our steer in. 

[Blair] Welcome to the 41st edition of the Governor's Charity Steer Show.

The 24 competitors are lined up and the celebrity interviews are underway.

[Gov. Kim Reynolds] Well first of all, it's an incredible opportunity to showcase, you know, the cattle industry and all that our cattle producers do all across the state. The importance - that role that they play in feeding not only Iowa, but country and the world. 

[Blake Boldon] You know, I'm used to being around world-class competitors, world record holders, world champions. This guy right here is the first time I've ever seen an athlete gain 20 or 80 pounds between competitions.

[Rebecca Kopelman] It is such a great cause and awesome to be here and I would say he's getting a little Deja moo from being in another show. Because he's done a few shows. He's a pro. 

[Mary Ann Fox] But you know what, I would not want to spend my last few hours as the Iowa State Fair Queen other than showing cattle. 

[Zach Merfeld] I'm subbing in for Ryder. He's in the middle with my wife Haley. A little over a year ago he was born 8 weeks early. 2 pounds, 14 ounces. We got life flighted down here to Des Moines. And the middle of the night we talked about, just wondering, "what we're gonna do? We're gonna have to drive back and forth," everything like that. That's when we first found out about the Ronald McDonald House. Just a great, great organization and they do so much good for so many people. 

[Blair] During the competition Will Vlasek from Cedar Rapids and Colbie Fevold of Gladbrook received the Community Hero Award. This year's steer judge is Brad Pellett from Iowa. It looks like Pellett has selected his top 5, but before we see who was chosen as this year's champion let's see who is awarded the Grand Champion Showman and the People's Choice Awards. 

[Dr. Dan Loy] Great job. Or I should say, three teams of showman that really did a great job. But I have to select one and I'm going to do that now.

[Blair] Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig and Junior shown by Emma Ways. 

Next is the battle for the People's Choice Award. The crowd is certainly making this one difficult.

[Emcee] Mary Ann Fox and Taylor Quaid.

[Blair] It's team number 12, with the 2022 Iowa State Fair Queen, Mary Ann Fox, and her youth partner, Taylor Quaid from Charles City. Now, Brad Pellett is bringing back his top five. Let's get a few words from the judge.

[Brad Pellett] You know, the greatest state fair in the country has one of the greatest events that we can showcase the beef industry, and the charity and the collaboration between the two great organizations. I want to congratulate these exhibitors. They have made my job here extremely difficult. With that being said, again, in so much for this opportunity. I'll go out and pick your champion steer.

[Blair] It's Blake Boldon with Drake University and his partner, Tyson Mohr from Glendora, with the steer Batman.

How does it feel to have the winner today at the governor's charity steer show?

[Tyson Mohr] Feels like a lot of my hard work is really starting to pay off. It feels really good.

[Blake Boldon] Well, we never doubted we'd win. I mean, it's a lot of fun. Tyson has done an incredible job with this young steer, and it's been a lot of fun to be part of it. Really exciting, and a humbling experience.

[Blair] Now it's in the auction ring. This year, the steers sold at auction brought in more than a half a million dollars, pushing the total raised for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Iowa to nearly $5.5 million. And that's how we finished up.