Veterans Parade

Fair | Clip
Aug 18, 2023 | 4 min

The annual tradition continues at the Iowa State Fair, where we honor those who have served for our country.


[Brooke Kohlsdorf] Honoring those who served is an annual tradition here at the Iowa State Fair. 100 entries and over 1,000 participants will travel up the Grand Concourse. A beautiful day for a beautiful Iowa tradition.

[Major General Stephen Osborn] I think we've always got to recognize those that volunteer to serve our country. At this point in time a lot of those that served in the hard years, Korea, Vietnam, World Wars, they're passing. They are moving forward. It is respect.

[Jackie Schmillen] It is my great honor and privilege at this time to introduce you to our esteemed grand marshal for today's parade. Ladies and gentlemen give it up for Mr. Herb Spencer. Now Herb is a true American hero. Having voluntarily enlisted in the Army on October 12, 1952. Following basic training and graduation from leadership school at Fort Leonard Wood, Herb bravely served our country in Korea from April 1953 until September of 1954 as part of a Combat Engineer Battalion. And as you can very clearly hear ladies and gentlemen, your 34th Army Band of the Iowa Army National Guard. 

Commanded by Warrant Officer William Scheidecker and First Sergeant Treg Marcellus. Today's drum major is Staff Sergeant Jason Glass. The 34th Army Band is stationed in Fairfield, Iowa and is the official military band for the state of Iowa. Proudly parading behind them is the joint Color Guard. Ladies and gentlemen, carrying the garrison flag on behalf of the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs is Wells Fargo's military veterans organization, Connections Employee Resource Network. 

Check this out. A trailer that is a replica of the USS George Washington Carver SSBN 656, which was built and commissioned in 1966 in Newport News, Virginia. Decommissioned in 1993 in Bangor, Washington. The person on the submarine is Jerry L. Stockbower, ET1SS retired. He was part of that commissioning crew back in 1966. It is not a parade without the Mackenzie Highlanders Pipes and Drums of Iowa and Scottish American Military Society Post 1846. 

[Brooke] The parade is an opportunity to honor Iowa veterans, but also recognize their families and the organizations that help them during and after their time in the service. 

(Singing the Star Spangled Banner)