Beard Growing Contest

Fair | Clip
Aug 18, 2023 | 4 min

We check in on some of the spectacular beards on display at the 2023 Iowa State Fair Beard Contest.


I'm Abby Brown at Pioneer Hall at the Beard Contest. There are several categories and I'm hoping that next year I might enter one. I have a feeling my only hope could be some magic potion, so I'm hoping I can pick up some tips and tricks.

[Eric Nicholaysen] I realized this is quite exciting once you get past the painful, itchy phase.Which you do. And then after a year I started to trim it to keep it more well groomed and kept, because I don't want to look like it's coming to get you.

[Abby] What does it take to grow a beard like yours?

[Contestant] Uh, patience.

[Abby] Who spends more time in the bathroom in the morning?

[Eric] Okay, my spouse has made the comment that I take longer than her in the bathroom with the beard. It's true. But only when I have to wash and get it ready. It takes a little time. It's all right. I give it special attention.

[Abby] Tell me how do you get your beard groomed to perfection?

[Matt Sandel] The key for me is, I have to blow dry it and brush it every morning.

[Abby] Okay.

[Jerry Landgrebe] I do mine a little different a lot of people. I cut up here and here. And the main reason I do that is for cleanliness.

[Eric] But of course, there's the beard wash, you know? There's special shampoos for the beards. Then we're out of the shower and then we get the blow dryer and we get the round brush and we twist twist and we blow dry it down.

[Abby] How about any special potions?

[Harold Stephenson] Nope.

[Abby] Any special serums?

[Harold] No.

[Abby] Any magic at all?

[Harold] Nope.

[Abby] Sounds wonderful.

[Matt] And Oil.

[Abby] Oh oil, tell me about your potions.

[Matt] I just use a beard oil and wash and oil it every day.

[Abby] What kind of magic potion do you use?

[Adam Johnson] I make my own now.

[Matt]I put it in. I blow dry it. Put the oil in and then blow dry it again.

[Abby] What's the clock on that?

[Matt] Uh, it's longer than my wife.

[Abby] That's what I wondered.

Any other tips for me if I want to grow a beard?

[Adam] I don't know if I have one for that. Genetics will start it.

[Abby] I feel like if there's less on top, there's more down here. So maybe I can like switch things around?

[Adam] Yeah, if I could switch things I'd probably at least have a half a foot up there.

[Abby] And if I wanted to grow a beard, do you have any tips or tricks for me?

[Eric] You know, what I might just have to disappoint you. It doesn't look promising but you can find someone who has a nice beard or invite them to grow.

[Abby] Okay.

[Regina Pirtle] And first place, number 880.