4-H Fashion Showcase

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Aug 15, 2022 | 4 min

4-H students interested in fashion, design, and apparel production showcase their skills.


ANNOUNCER: Ellie Carlson, Marshall County, senior clothing selection. 


Madison Cray, Johnson County, $15 challenge. 

BONNIE DALAGER: I’m Bonnie Dalager, I work at the Iowa 4H Youth Development Program. This event is the wardrobe clothing event, which is our showcase opportunity for young people in the clothing project area. We have three categories or classes that youth can participate in. One is called clothing selection, which means they set a goal for their outfit and they put that outfit together. And the judges are looking for things like how did they achieve their goal by using things like design elements and their knowledge about fabric and care of their clothing. We also have a $15 challenge, which is a reuse type of class. They get to go out and look for second-hand clothing that totals less than $15 for their entire outfit. And then we have another class called fashion review. This is where young people who are really interested in sewing and designing clothing actually make their own garment and show that to the judges. 

RIO JOHNSON: This is the clothing selection category. It's my new outfit that I purchased. I'm wearing these flowing pants that I fell in love with. I tied it in with the white shirt and scarf and hat. This is my 8th year for my county and my 3rd year here. I love doing it because I like the one-on-one judging with the judge. And I love fashion, so it's really fun to do and I really like sewing too. 

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BONNIE: We have about 160 youth participants this year from all over the state of Iowa. Our wardrobe clothing event has been with the Iowa State 4H Youth Development Program for many years. We actually used to have it in other locations in Des Moines and at the Iowa State University campus. This is our 5th year back at the Iowa State Fair grounds. 

MATTHEW MIKLES: I’m in fashion view, this is my first year participating. My club leader was, like, “No guys do it. You get to walk and get this outfit,” and sure enough I did. This year it's been great. The Polk County Fair was fun. I had all these poses planned out and it was a lot of fun meeting everyone from all different places. I definitely think I'll do this again. We're talking about a partnership outfit. That would be fun. 

BONNIE: Justine Weir, Polk County. 

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BONNIE: I think of the thing that's really fun about this program is that really anyone can be a part of this. So whether they're just starting out in the clothing project area or if they really involved and they would like to go into design and see themselves in a career, this is really an opportunity for everyone to participate and have a great learning and positive experience.