Wheels of Agriculture

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Aug 15, 2022 | 4 min

Welcome to the game of trivia, where you've got to be fast, you've got to be knowledgeable and it really helps if you bring your family!


ABBY BROWN: Welcome to the game of trivia where you’ve got to be fast, knowledgeable, and it really helps if you bring your family. 

Does anybody know what agricultural means? 

KIDS: No. 

ABBY: What animal lives on a farm? 

KIDS: Cows. Pig. 

ABBY: Ladies, you have a unique advantage today on the trivia component because you are involved in a very specific group. 

KIDS: 4H. 

ABBY: Do you feel like you can win? 

KIDS: Yes.

ABBY: All right. 

TIM BLASTER: Here we go. Five-point spin. If you can think of three things that you might see inside of a barn, hit your big red button and tell me. Team number one chimed in first. Give me three things you might find in a barn. 

TEAM 1: Hay.  A pig.  And a horse. 

TIM: A horse, of course. Very good, five points, team one. Go give it a spin. 

ABBY: Tim, tell me about Wheels of Agriculture. 

TIM: It's a bundle of fun for all ages. I really wanted this to be a family show so that anyone of any age can participate in it. 

All right, team three, what do you think that is? 

TEAM 3: A chain saw. 

TIM: A chain saw is correct. Next, give it a spin. 

So the questions you never know what kind of questions we're going to ask and how many points it's going to be worth. 

Can anyone tell me, what do the 4Hs stand for? 

If they get it right, the points go on their score. If they get it wrong, we take it out to the audience. 

AUDIENCE: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.

TIM: Boom, there you go. And what prop would you like? Flying chicken, pooping pig or cow bell or squirting cow? 

See if you know what this is?

[Buzzer Sounds]

Team one, what is that? 

[Song Plays]

TEAM 1: “Old McDonald Had a Farm.”

TIM: Of course he did. Correct, very good, ten points. Team number one got it right away. 

What tool isn't that being used? 

TEAM 3: A hammer? 

TIM: A hammer. You nailed it. Very good. 

This is my first time at the Iowa State Fair and I'm thrilled to be here. 

ABBY: Well, welcome. You have special interest in the Iowa State Fair this year, correct? 

TIM: Yes, my son just graduated from the University of Iowa and he helped me write and research the questions. We're putting his creative writing degree to use. 

TIM: By the way have you folks heard the rumor about butter? No, well I’m not going to spread it then. 

DOUG BLASTER: No, I did not grow up in Iowa. 

ABBY: But you now have a forever link to Iowa, right?

DOUG: Just graduated University of Iowa, absolutely loved it there. So grateful to be in Iowa again. 

TIM: One pound of butter, how many pounds of milk does it take, 5, 11, or 21 pounds? 

Team 2 chimed in early. What do you think? 5, 11, or 21 pounds?

TEAM 2: 21. 

TIM: Boom, you got it. Very good. 

About 2016, 2017, I really identified the need for people to be more aware about agriculture. A lot of the people that come to these fairs don't know a lot about agriculture, so we decided to put a show together that would involve agricultural awareness. 

The louder you clap, the more she's going to grab out of the air. Keep her pumped up, folks. 

We are here to make people laugh as well as become aware of the agriculture that's around them and appreciate the farmers that grow all of our food. 

Thank you so much. We hope you enjoyed the Wheels of Agriculture Game Show. Come back and see us again sometime. On behalf of Doug and myself, God bless, everybody.