Governor's Charity Steer Show

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Aug 18, 2022 | 5 min

The Governor's Charity Steer Show is an annual fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Iowa, taking place each year at the Iowa State Fair.


ANNOUNCER: And we'll bring our first celebrity into the ring as tradition is. Please welcome the governor from the state of Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds. 

BROOKE KOHLSDORF: This is the 40th edition of the Governor's Charity Steer Show. There are 25 entries this year. It's all for a good cause. The proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House. 

The 25 competitors are lined up, and the celebrity interviews are under way. 

GOV. KIM REYNOLDS: But especially these young kids that are here today and working so hard. But they put a lot of work in and for them to come in and take the opportunity to show here and take it to the ring to raise money for a great cause is remarkable. 

ANNOUNCER: Governor, good luck again this year. 

REYNOLDS: Let the competition begin. 

LT. GOV. ADAM GREGG: 2019 the last time I had the opportunity to win this thing. We've got a great steer today so I think we have a good shot. 

GARY SLATER: Maverick is top gun. The rest of you guys watch out because we're coming for you. 

JOHN MORTIMER: We were at the governor's steer show in 1983. You think it's warm now, it was 109 degrees in here. 

ANNOUNCER: Tell me about Chad. 

CHIP FLORY: Chad is 1485 pounds of Iowa corn fed beef. 

JESS SETTLES: This is my third governor's show. We grew up in southeast Iowa. We're hog guys. 

CLARISSA CHUN: We're going full Nelson on the competition. We're going to take them all out. 

REP. STEVE BRADLEY: We have Big Mac here. He is 1,410 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. 

ROSS KOOPMANS: About three years ago we had a child with Down Syndrome and when you have something that happens like that it is an emotional rollercoaster. You get to hear it from the steer's mouth I would say that, you know, it's events like these that parents like myself need. There is no other way we could have done without it and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

BROOKE: This year's steer judge is Brian McCulloh. 

BRIAN McCULLOH, JUDGE: I actually grew up in Iowa. And the Iowa State Fair as a 4H kid from this state was a big deal. I knew before I came the level of quality, the depth of quality that was going to be at this event. I'm not looking for the heaviest steer. I'm not looking for the heaviest muscle steer. They have to combine as many good things into one package. That's what I'm looking for. 

BROOKE: While McCulloh is thinking about who to select let's see who judges pick for the Community Hero Award. 

ANNOUNCER: With Tucker Klima, Tradition, and the Eastern Ronald McDonald House in Quad Cities McDonald's. 

BROOKE: Now it is time to give out the award for showmanship. 

ANNOUNCER: Gary Slater is our showman of the day today. 

BROOKE: Next is the battle for the Peoples Choice Award. The crowd is making this one difficult. 

[ Cheering ] 

It's Clarissa Chun, showing Maverick.

BRIAN McCULLOH, JUDGE: I think it is a phenomenal Iowa beef industry council. All the sponsors. All the parents. All the exhibitors. Congratulations. Let's hear one final roar for what is a phenomenal event here in Iowa. 

ANNOUNCER: Looks like he is going to give a customary tap to our winner. Here is your top steer at this year's event. Congratulations to John Lawrence, our showman. Brady Werner from Williamsburg brought the number one steer in today. That steer is named Blue. Big thank you to our judge for doing a wonderful job. 

JOHN LAWRENCE: I've done this three or four times before. It's always a fun event for a great cause. 

BROOKE: Have you ever won? 

JOHN: I have never made the final drive before. So this is a highlight. I'm really excited. And congratulations to Brady, who made it, and Blue, who made it all possible. 

BRADY: He did a good job setting him up. 

BROOKE: Now it's into the auction ring. The Governor's Charity Steer Show has raised more than $4.5 million for the Ronald McDonald Charities of Iowa. This year the steers sold at auction brought more than $436,000 pushing the total to just over $5 million. And that's how we finished up.