Big Wheel Races

Fair | Clip
Aug 20, 2022 | 3 min

Kids put the pedal to the pavement during the annual Iowa State Fair Big Wheel Races.


BILL RILEY: There is always something to see on the Grand Concourse. this time, it's for the kids.

ANNOUNCER: On your mark, get set, go!

STEVEN JORDISON: The Big Wheel Competition is a part of the Parks and Recreation Day here at the Iowa State Fair. This is our 40th anniversary. We are very excited about having so many different events here and the hundreds of thousands of people here at the Iowa State Fair.

[ Cheering ]

We represent 110 municipal Parks and Recreation departments from around the state. And we've got about 80 volunteers here today.

[ Cheering ]

The Iowa Parks and Recreation Day at the Iowa State Fair is for anybody and everybody regardless of age or abilities. We are very excited to be here on the Grand Concourse.

[ Cheering ]

PRODUCER: Was it fun?

CHILD: It was fun.

CHILD: I won a ribbon! 

PRODUCER: I am so impressed. You guys were little speed demons out there.

CHILD: And I popped a wheelie!