Decorated Diaper and Diaper Derby

Fair | Clip
Aug 20, 2022 | 4 min

Themed diapers, creative diapers, Fair-related diapers?! Babies from Iowa compete in the Decorated Diaper  and Diaper Derby Contests.


RHONDA HIATT: Today, we are at the Decorate a Diaper and Diaper Derby. They are two separate events. The Decorate a Diaper, you have to be 24 months and younger and we have three themes. A group theme, a creative diaper and then the Iowa State Fair diaper which is anything that reminds you of the Iowa State Fair.

KRISTI CRANE: This is so much fun. There are so many creative moms and dads and grandparents and caregivers that really put a lot of thought into decorating a diaper and making matching costumes to go with them. I just love it.

The diaper has to be visible. The creators can make them coordinate with the rest of the outfit, but the judges need to be able to see the diaper. 

RHONDA: We've had everything from peacocks to the giant slide to corndogs. People are just so creative. Iowans are so creative. It has been fun to see every year the different diapers they come up with.

KRISTI: The tie-dye family, congratulations Amelia.

IRWIN FAMILY: I tell you what, we did a really big tie-dye project earlier this summer and it was so much fun. So we decided to try it on a diaper and if it would work.

Big sister is five and she's the one who really did the tie-dye on this diaper.

RHONDA: We have a variety. We have some people who just come out for a day and they may just throw some stickers on and they just want to participate in an Iowa State Fair contest. And then we have others who have worked months on some of these diapers.

The first place winner is little Miss Lacey. Our chicken, all those feathers and beads. 

KRISTI: Diaper Derby. They have to be crawlers. They crawl across the mat from starting point to ending point. They'll have a coach at either end. We have heats, whoever crosses the finish line first is our winner.

ANNOUNCER: On your mark. Get set. Go!

KRISTI: Sometimes the kids are all about that bottle on the other end and it is over in a flash. Other times, they are more interested in making friends with the other babies on the mat. There's nothing better than the Iowa State Fair. It's so much fun to be a part of it.