Episode 303 | The Film Lounge

The Film Lounge | Episode
Feb 10, 2019 | 57 min

Each hour-long episode showcases a diverse collection of short films representing a wide range of creative visions, all produced by Iowa filmmakers. You’ll encounter cinema in its various forms—fictional stories, documentaries, experimental films, animation, music videos—and become acquainted with the region’s rich film communities. These short films were selected from dozens of entries by representatives of Iowa PBS, Produce Iowa and Iowa Arts Council.

This episode of the The Film Lounge features the following films:

  • Time is a Sh**ty Friend,” by Joshua De Lanoit of Iowa City, is a music video set to a song by the Iowa City musician Elizabeth Moen, who appears in an animated shape-shifting collage that represents the passage of time.
  • Continuity Cowboys,” by Matt Sindt of Iowa City, follows the struggle of two cowboys, caught in a standoff as continuity errors make their lives much more difficult.
  • Paintallica,” by Kaitlyn Busbee and Jamie Boling of Iowa City, is a documentary about a world-famous artists’ collaborative that visited an Iowa City festival to make a ruckus and make some art, including rough sculptures chainsawed from tree trunks.
  • Extravision: The Dark Where I Could Only Hear,” by Extravision and Bruce James Bales of Des Moines, is a music video produced in collaboration with Ryan Stier that traces the start-to-finish evolution of a relationship, from the first flickers of subconscious recognition to the last traces of memory.
  • Creativity,” by Tiny Circus, uses stop-motion animation and interviews with community members in Grinnell to explore how creativity is present in all of our lives.

This episode also includes a behind-the-scenes look at an independent film called “The Burial,” by Iowa filmmaker Jack Meggers, which was shot in a remote corner of northeast Iowa.