Episode 601 | The Film Lounge

The Film Lounge | Episode
Jan 31, 2022 | 57 min

Iowa’s only broadcasted film festival returns with 10 films produced by Iowa filmmakers, showcasing stirring documentaries, wistful art films and thrilling dramas. 

Storytellers share their work and give insight into how their films were made. Plus, go behind the scenes of a CGI short film spectacle and a Southern Iowa film festival.

In this episode, five Iowa filmmaker projects are showcased with a behind-the-scenes look at a visual effects heavy film. 

Frozen Out is a student Academy Award winning experimental short film about the anxieties of dislocation and the desire to move forward from a complicated past. Created by Hao Zhou and Tyler Hill, Iowa City.

Doubt asks how do we rise up when the world has knocked you down? A universal conflict to which everyone can relate. Produced by Fred Ebong, Cedar Rapids.

Lo/ve is a dramatic study of where true joy and fulfillment lie. Created by Iowa City filmmaker Tempest Mongomery.

Ghost Creek is a narrative reflection of the anxiety, hope and understanding we achieve when our city loses the art, culture and community that make it unique. Created by Benjamin Handler, Iowa City.

Birdsong is an animated contemplation on what it would be like to retire. Produced by Cedar Rapids animator and filmmaker, Paul Huenemann.

Behind The Scenes: The Last Minute Till Midnight: A behind-the-scenes look at how the visual effects heavy and thematically challenging “The Last Minute until Midnight” was produced by filmmakers Beau Batterson and Adam Orton, Cedar Rapids.