Halloween Style 2018 | The Film Lounge

The Film Lounge | Episode
Oct 27, 2018 | 57 min

Iowa PBS's short film showcase takes a dark turn when it delivers a chilling collection of horror stories for this special Halloween episode. The horror genre has long been fertile territory for independent filmmakers, offering the prospect of maximum thrills on a minimal budget. This program shows how Iowa artists unlock this potential through cinematic skill and twisted imagination.

  • "The Hatman" (2018) by Charlie Gandez of Forest City
  • "The Yig" (2018) by Harry W. Walker III of Bettendorf
  • "Black Star" (2018) by Tarrell Christie of Cedar Falls
  • "S3rial" (2018) Michael E. Berg of Urbandale
  • "Ghost Story" (2016) by Tiny Circus of Grinnell