Episode 702 | The Film Lounge

The Film Lounge | Episode
Feb 6, 2023 | 57 min

Five Iowa filmmaker projects are showcased with a behind-the-scenes look at the revival of The Varsity Cinema in Des Moines.

Featured Films Include:

  • Lesana — “Lesana,” filmed in Riga, Latvia, was choreographed by Lily Skove, directed by TJ Hellmuth, and organized by the Contemporary Dance Choreographers Union. Produced by Russ Curry of Iowa City.
  • Leah's Year — “Leah’s Year” is the examination of a disabled woman’s struggles during the pandemic. Created by Antoinette Lavalle of Des Moines.
  • From the Void — “From the Void” is about a son being taken, and a father desperately searching for him. But this isn't your ordinary abduction… — something strange has happened, and it isn't of this world. Created by Michael Minard of Waterloo.
  • El Principe Azul — “El Principe Azul” is a short documentary about the journey of Diego Lopez from the gang-ridden streets of Honduras to the United States. Created by Matthew Williams of Dubuque.
  • letdown — “letdown” by LOVESBLIND is a music video where the storyline can be thought of as a film-within-a-film-within-a-film, intended as a metaphor for the roles people (and those around them) play at the end of a relationship. Produced by Emille Lasca of Burlington.