It Is Other

The Film Lounge | Film
Jan 30, 2023 | 7 min

“It Is Other” explores animation, sound design and dream logic. It deals with the vastness of being, the quiet longing of loneliness and the strange discovery of the new.  Created by Charles Borowicz of Des Moines and featured in season 7 of The Film Lounge.


Hi, I'm Charlie Brothers and I'm the filmmaker. Behind “It is Other”

I made every part of it is out other it's a film that's designed mostly about feeling rather than story. It's the first of a three part series that's about

the difference between otherness and beauty and strangeness

and understand our world well.

It is other started as a quarantine project, So like, you know, we're all locked down, we're doing our thing.

And I just finished this music video and I've done a lot of the same

things in this music video for, for whatever part of it,

and that was under a deadline. So I thought, now I don't have deadlines for the foreseeable year, so I'm going to jump into this

and see if I can take some of those ideas and push them a little bit further. And then as I started going with that, I started to see the theme that I was interested in.

I often work that way where I, I find the idea or the

the focus as I'm working in a can be hard with CG stuff because you got to wait and you've got to see it and you're like, Oh, well, was that a good idea or not? And then you go back into it and, and you start to it's almost like I call it sculptural video. You're like kind of chipping away and adding this. And you can't do a traditional video very well by yourself. You know, you got to

you'd have to go grab a whole crew and go out and do it again. But with CG, you can you can just look at and be like,

Oh, well, maybe less like maybe this angle, maybe, maybe a pull out.

And so you can really experiment a lot and learn a lot really quick about what you're trying to do. Part of the ambient soundtrack was something I really wanted to dig into because I've done a lot of music, video work and

and a little bit of this feeling I had while I was making this other video that was called Ancestors My tour Size,

and it had this sort of space agey kind of

you're flying through different like places that that don't exist, that are like different worlds

And as I was doing that, I kept I kept making these shapes and the shapes felt kind of lonely and and distant. And like one of the lines in that song is Where am I now? And I think that was kind of in my head.

And so as I started building these things, I was building from that point of view. And I think that's when I started to think of like, oh, just like these strange encounters. It's like

you can see it from either the point of view of someone

encountering these things, or you can see it from the point of view of that, that thing encountering us, or vice versa. And so

[quiet music]