Governor Harold Hughes Campaigns Iowa by Helicopter

Governors of Iowa | Clip
Sep 26, 2022 | 3 min

In an excerpt from Governors of Iowa: Harold Hughes, the governor takes a helicopter tour of Iowa as part of his 1964 campaign.


In an era of two-year terms for Iowa's Governor, Hughes would quickly go into campaign mode in 1964. He would barnstorm the state with his public persona as a governor of action.


Governor Harold E. Hughes is a man on the move and the state of Iowa is moving with him. The Governor's own words --

Governor Hughes: The old myth that it can't be done in Iowa and progress for the whole state is dangerous are not destroyed, but they are mortally wounded. And the negative thinkers, those who would hold back the hands of the clock, are no longer in full control. People in Iowa are beginning to realize that things can be done here as well as anywhere else and that second best is not good enough for this state. We are beginning to realize that what benefits the entire state benefits every citizen in it, farmers, businessmen, working people, housewives, everyone. Iowa is moving as never before in its history. To keep it moving, we must plan together and work together so that we may prosper together.

We decided that we need to have a helicopter tour of the state of Iowa in a week, smaller towns. And I don't know, the helicopter probably brought people out too. But he would come in and the people would be standing there and he would get out and then in his booming voice talk about the campaign and everything and then take off. And it was a very successful time and really, really helped in the campaign.


Well, we think Governor Hughes is a real strong Governor and has fulfilled many of his promises in the last 21 months.

As far as I'm concerned he is, the republicans have Abraham Lincoln, but we have an honest Governor --

I think he's a very wise man and a good man. And I like the way he has been doing. And furthermore, I like his issues, I like the way he's going about the taxes more so than --

I think as an executive he has shown very great abilities.

I think Governor Hughes is going to win it. And why, he's the best man and has the best program.