Governor Robert D. Ray's Catchy Campaign Song

Governors of Iowa | Clip
Sep 26, 2022 | 1 min

Listen to Governor Robert Ray's campaign jingle, sung by legendary performer Marilyn Maye using a rewritten version of "Step to the Rear (and Let a Winner Lead the Way)."


Now in a General Election fight, Ray's campaign team deployed a secret weapon over the radio. Des Moines native and popular singer Marilyn Maye was hired to belt out a catchy new campaign theme. It was an immediate hit.

Hi, this is Marilyn Maye saluting a real winner for governor, Robert D. Ray.


Well everyone knows, it's time to step to the polls

And let a winner lead the way

Go cast your vote and choose the man of today

It's Robert D. Ray!

Now I-O-Way is saying he is the best

Yes he'll pass every test

Elect him governor and see

Yes now is the time

Choose a man in his prime

He'll make Iowa climb, you'll agree

On election day vote Robert D. Ray

And let a leader show the way!