Time Travel Iowa

Time Travel Iowa

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Digital ShortSeason1Episode106

Surveyor tools were instrumental in the development of our state and the planning of our communities.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode105

Many of the conveniences we enjoy in our homes, like the refrigerator, have greatly affected our way of life.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode104

Learn about the Nisse, a mysterious and mischievous figure in Nordic folklore.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode103

This technological relic is one example of how voting practices have changed in the U.S., and the museum's curator explains how it worked.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode102

The Iowa State Fair has been in Des Moines since 1886 and has a lot of great history. Let's take a look at two buildings that have their own stories to tell.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode101

This Iowa company made wooden toys for children during World War II.


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Historians and curators tell Iowa's history through the stories of various artifacts found in museums across the state.