STEAM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics


Science knowledge, technology skills, engineering design, art creativity and mathematical reasoning are the cornerstone of modern scientific approaches, and we are here to help you take STEAM from the classroom to the community and beyond.

We’re helping to build Iowa’s future scientists, engineers, and artists to further grow opportunities for both our community and our state.

From STEAM kits that go out into our communities to online, interactive, Iowa place-based virtual field trips, we offer resources and engagement opportunities for students of all ages and skill levels.

For Teachers

We will come to your school, at no cost, to share all of the complimentary STEAM resources that we and our PBS station partners have available for use in your classrooms. Contact us to schedule a presentation.

Iowa Science Phenomena

Iowa Science Phenomena creates, curates, collects and shares a growing collection of user-generated, media-based, standards aligned, science phenomena resources for use in Iowa classrooms.

For Students

STEAM Trailer

A trailer full of interactive, hands-on STEAM-based activities that will spark curiosity in every student. The STEAM trailer travels to communities throughout the state, often in conjunction with area libraries or community schools as part of our Ready for School program.

Local Events

We bring fun, interactive STEAM activities to your schools and community events. Are you having a STEM event at your school or in your community? We’d love to be part of your event.


Your students will have Fun Investigating New Discoveries using FIND Iowa. FIND Iowa encourages students in grades 2-5 to virtually investigate the state through the use of immersive and interactive learning. Investigations are organized by theme and support Iowa science and social studies standards.

Market to Market Classroom

Market to Market Classroom connects you with stories about the science, technology, culture and business of agriculture from the nation's longest-running agribusiness television program. Explore the stories and gain a deeper understanding of the people, issues and events that shape agriculture today.