Wander & Wonder

Wander & Wonder

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Digital ShortSeason1Episode131

Abby Brown makes pīrāgi with two young women in celebration of their Latvian heritage.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode130

Learn about different kinds of evergreen trees and how we can safely use them to decorate our homes during the holidays.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode129

What did the Pilgrims and Native Americans eat at the first Thanksgiving?

Digital ShortSeason1Episode128

Make art with your children while exploring how making mistakes can help us learn something new.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode127

Explore the beauty of the Northern Lights and create Northern Lights window art.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode126

Abby & Vaden visit the Des Moines Playhouse and create homemade costumes to dress up as their heroes.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode125

Abby and Alana visit the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden to discover that plants have lots of ways to collect, direct and absorb water.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode124

Abby and Braelyn visit the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden to discover the parts of a flower and the important role flowers play in pollination.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode123

Create messages of kindness in a super top secret way.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode122

Spread a little kindness with May Day baskets for your friend or neighbor.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode121

Learn about growing food and making a pizza... with ingredients from the dirt.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode120

Abby and her friend Augie celebrate Earth Day and spring by making a bird feeder.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode119

Explore the meaning of friendship with this activity from the book, Yertle the Turtle.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode118

Abby and Zoey celebrate their friendship by designing bracelets for each other.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode117

Abby and Brayden explore the states of ice and create amazing structures.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode116

Make these three snowflakes crafts with supplies from home.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode115

Celebrate the New Year by making origami poppers and fortune tellers.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode114

Cooking is chemistry! Make a breakfast favorite while exploring science.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode113

There is so much to be grateful for; try making your own gratitude turkey.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode112

While carving pumpkins this year, take a closer look. Let's do a pumpkin study.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode111

Explore the beautiful colors of fall leaves with chromatography.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode110

Make your own fossils with items in your kitchen.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode109

Create some paper creatures to learn all about camouflage.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode108

Let's investigate what happens when you heat solid materials and then cool the materials.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode107

Look for wonder in the world and start a collection.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode105

Plan a trip around Iowa by making a travel collage.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode104

Explore the concept of surface tension with items from your kitchen.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode103

Get creative with painting with something you have in your house already - vegetables.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode102

Follow these simple steps to make slime at home - and have Abby teach you a few things too.

Digital ShortSeason1Episode101

Make your own bubble solution with these simple ingredients.

About the Show

From homemade slime to pancake science, and backyard fun to fun crafts, young explorers can imagine and plan their own adventures right along with host Abby Brown.