Iowa Ingredient

Season 10


On this Halloween special episode of Iowa Ingredient, we'll get creative in the kitchen with our own spooky recipes.


On this Iowa Ingredient, we’ll visit an urban Des Moines garden to learn the best ways to grow and maintain dill.


On this Iowa Ingredient, we’ll learn more about pork as chef Dean Lutrell serves up some savory and delicious recipes using this Iowa mainstay.


On this Iowa Ingredient, we’ll learn about collard greens, a flavorful and nutritious staple in many southern kitchens.


On this Iowa Ingredient, we'll visit Milton Creamery to learn how they produce their world-renowned cheddar cheese and chef David Baruthio will bring his expertise as he cooks with this flavorful cheese.


On this Iowa Ingredient, we’ll learn more about turkey as we visit Lucky Star Farm in eastern Iowa.


On this Iowa Ingredient, we’ll head to northeast Iowa to learn more about cantaloupe.


On this Iowa Ingredient, we’ll visit an urban vegetable grower to learn some of the best tips on how to cultivate lettuce.


On this Iowa Ingredient, we’ll visit a farm in eastern Iowa to learn the ins and outs of growing this vegetable, then chef David Baruthio will put a fun spin on the leafy green.


About the Show

Explore the farms, restaurants, and ingredients that make Iowa food uniquely Iowan. Host Charity Nebbe takes viewers on a journey to discover flavorful Iowa ingredients. From apples to spinach to rhubarb and herbs, each episode features a single Iowa ingredient and treats viewers to a spectacular trip from the farm to the table. Explore where these delectable ingredients are grown in Iowa, learn more about some talented chefs who use local ingredients, and join Charity in the kitchen to savor some delicious recipes.

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