Native Americans

The Meskwaki Tribe's ancestors were some of the earliest people living in Iowa.

Meskwaki Migration

The Meskwaki Tribe calls Iowa home, but this hasn't always been the case. Check out where the tribe moved over time.


What cultural contributions have the Meskwaki Tribe made to Iowa? 

Meskwaki Tribe: Culture and Traditions

The Meskwaki people who live in Iowa have ancestors who were some of the first people to have lived in this area before it became known as Iowa! Learn about the ways that the Meskwaki Tribe is unique and similar to other Iowans.


What are some ways that the Meskwaki Tribe is unique from and similar to all other Iowans? 

Meskwaki Tribe: One With Nature

Plants play a significant role in the daily life of the Meskwaki Tribe. From food, to mats and a variety of other purposes. Knowledge about uses for natural resources were learned by the Meskwaki Tribe as they went about their daily routines. Check it out!


How are native Iowa plants used by Meskwaki people?

Meskwaki Tribe: Daily Life Songs

Songs are passed down from generation to generation and taught to kids from a young age for a variety of different reasons.


How do Meskwaki children learn the traditional music of their ancestors? 

Meskwaki Tribe: What is a Powwow?

Check out why the Meskwaki Tribe celebrates with a powwow!


What is a powwow? Who is invited? What does it mean?

Native American Flags

The Meskwaki are not the only Native American tribe who live in Iowa. Rather, many different tribes have inhabited the state over time; and some still do! This display at the Iowa State Capitol was created to shine a light on the heritage of Native Iowans.


Why do you think the Iowa State Capitol have an Iowa Native Nations display?