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Teachers and Parents

Fun Investigating New Discoveries (FIND) Iowa from Iowa PBS Education encourages students in grades 2-5 to virtually investigate our state through the use of immersive and interactive learning content. Investigations are organized by theme, with each theme having multiple subtopics.

The content provided throughout each theme doesn't simply give students all the answers or facts. Instead, students are encouraged to ask questions, contemplate the topics and make conclusions based upon the information provided. Each theme is aligned to Iowa Core Social Studies or Science education standards to ensure that the content being investigated can be easily connected to classroom learning. Additional activities are provided for educators and parents that can further students' and children's understanding of the topics.

The resources in FIND Iowa are designed so that elementary students can view and interact with them on their own. Teachers and parents are encouraged to engage students in discussion and further learning as students use the site.

Every good explorer also needs a guide to help them learn what they do not know. To help you be that guide, each field trip will include:

  • Iowa Core social studies and science standards alignments
  • Discussion questions
  • Suggested activities
  • Additional resources 

Virtual Field Trips


When you picture the landscape of Iowa, you might think of lots of flat farmland and a few hills. Actually, Iowa's land has many different areas and features. Did you know there are fossils in Iowa? How about caves? Learn about Iowa's interesting geology and ancient past by virtually exploring various land features and fossilized creatures.


The farmland that covers Iowa is a key reason for the state's beauty. Agriculture in Iowa can be related to crops, animals, or fruits and vegetables. Iowa farmers play an important role in feeding the world. While agriculture has been a part of our lives in Iowa for a long time, it has definitely changed a lot over time. Scientists, engineers and farmers have learned a lot about using technology to change the way that farming is done. What have they learned? How has farming changed? How is it the same? 

Cultural Contributions to Iowa

People with heritages from all over the world call Iowa home. Over time, people from different places have contributed a variety of new things to Iowa's culture. These unique contributions highlight both what makes each Iowan unique and what common bonds Iowans share. 

Energy in Iowa

Think about all of the energy that is used every day: the lights and appliances in your home, the fuel for cars and buses, the energy you use up as you play with your friends. Where does all that energy come from? Are there different types of energy? Are there pros and cons to using it? Can we run out of it?

Urban Outdoors

People use science to understand the world around them. When you ask questions to understand the world around you, you are being a scientist. Imagine what you might discover when you start looking at your neighborhood, city or town like a scientist. Grab a grown-up and go explore.

99 Counties of Iowa

Every county has a story to tell. Explore the different ways that history or science have played an important role in each of Iowa’s 99 counties. 


Prairies are awesome, for a lot of different reasons. Not too long ago, before farms, crops and cities were a part of our landscape, prairies were nearly everywhere in Iowa! But now, prairies are rare and in need of being preserved and restored.


Throughout time, Iowans have navigated the state, country and world by a variety of methods. Waterways, railways and roadways play a major role in this transportation. Being roughly in the middle of the United States of America, Iowa has become an important part of our nation’s transportation network. This is true for the interstate highway system we have today, but also for methods of transportation used in the past; like railways and the two major waterways in our country, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

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