Just like our bodies are fueled with food, the electricity that we've come to rely on are fueled from many different sources.

What is Energy?

Energy sources supply things like electricity in your home, and fuel for cars and buses.


What is energy?

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Wind turbines standing in Iowa fields

Wind Energy

Iowa is a flat, windy state. This makes it a great place to harness the energy from wind.
Large solar panels installed on the ground

Solar Energy

The sun creates a lot of energy. People have begun to discover how to capture this energy and put it to use.
Water rushes in waterfalls at a hydroelectric power plant

Hydroelectric Energy

There is energy in moving water. A hydroelectric power plant captures this energy and can covert it to electricity.

Coal Energy

Coal is still widely used as an energy source for electricity in Iowa.

Percent Electricity Generation in Iowa

Iowa is one of the leading states in production of energy from alternative energy sources. 


How do the sources of energy change over time in Iowa?

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