Learn about Iowa’s geology and ancient past by exploring fossilized creatures.

Rock Layers and Fossils

Let’s learn about shale and limestone, two different kinds of rocks.


Why is the makeup of rocks different?

Ocean Fossils

Let’s learn about a time when Iowa was covered in sea water and aquatic creatures lived where there is now land.


What do the fossils found in Rockford, Iowa tell us about Iowa's ancient history?

Rocky outdoors area with fossils.

Devonian Fossil Gorge

Investigate the ancient remains of an ocean floor.

Check out a fossil gorge in Iowa City, Iowa.

Sandy and gravely rock outcrop at Fossil and Prairie Park Preserve.

Fossil and Prairie Preserve

Check out a fossil and prairie preserve in Rockford, Iowa. Tiny fossils can be found everywhere!

Rock wall

Rock Outcrop

Investigate a rock wall to learn more about types of rocks in Iowa.