Hartman Reserve

Nestled in a neighborhood, the Hartman Reserve is made up of three different ecosystems, reconstructed prairies, plants and animals.

Waterloo's Hartman Reserve

At Hartman Reserve you can explore three different ecosystems, see prairies being reconstructed and learn about plants and animals.


Which of the ecosystems at Hartman Reserve might you find where you live?


Forests are home to a variety of plant and animal life that are often overlooked. Let's learn about the types of forests in Iowa and how long they've been here.


What might you find when you take a closer look at the trees or a forest near you?

Making Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup comes from trees. Let's learn how its taken from the tree and prepared for bottling.


What things might trees provide to make the lives of other plants and animals better?


Let's take a look at the life of squirrels and learn about their fur color, what they need to live and what makes Iowa a good home for them.


Have you ever observed a squirrel?


Iowa prairies are complex and intricate ecosystems that have been mostly lost. Let's find out if we can get the prairies back and how you can help.


Pay close attention, where might you find a prairie to walk through near you?


Different types of animals and plants need different habitats to survive. One type of habitat is a wetland. Let's find out what animals might be found in a wetland and if you can find a wetland near you to explore.


What unique plants and animals might you find in a wet area, like a pond (or even a puddle) near you?