Summer Fun

From science-based activities that keep kids cool while also teaching them all about states of matter to activities that keep young minds engaged designing complex coasters, we have some great ideas to keep your Young Explorer learning this summer.

You can create almost anything if you have a maker mindset! Learn what it means to have a maker’s mindset.

Learn how new materials can be created quickly when a catalyst is used to create a chemical reaction.

Have a young child heading off to school next year? Prepare them for the adventure with these fun, free resources.

Create engaging activities for less than $5.

Aquí encontrará excelentes actividades para hacer con su hijo en el camino.

Here are some great activities for you to do with your child on-the-go!

Explore these STEAM Activities to support your students' learning.

Why does fog look grey and feel wet? Answer this question about the weather using scientific inquiry with your child.

Use your design thinking and science inquiry skills to determine the best kind of structure.

Using scientific inquiry skills you and your child will learn more about sound and how it works.

Learn how to sort and classify objects.

Use your scientific inquiry skills to learn about floating and sinking.

Use your scientific inquiry skills to learn more about simple machines.

Learn about elasticity and the shapes that make the world.

Use scientific inquiry skills to figure out why shadows appear.

Use scientific inquiry and engineering design skills to learn all about ramps.

Learn all about mixtures and properties.

With a couple tools and your know-how, you can figure it out your height and weight using measurements.

Learn how magnets work and why some items are attracted to magnets and others are not.

Learn what a force is and how it causes motion.

Learn the difference between bugs and insects.

Uses your engineering and design skills to puzzle out how bridges are built and work.

Question, observe and investigate the world with Abby Brown.