Governors of Iowa


A widely respected political leader of the 1970s and early 1980s, Robert Ray is known for an even-handed approach to governing Iowa.
A towering political figure that defies conventional categories, Harold Hughes was Iowa’s Governor during the tumultuous 1960s.


A widely respected political leader, Gov. Robert Ray is known for an even-handed approach to governing Iowa. His lasting legacy of welcoming refugees during the late 1970s forever changed the cultural fabric of the state.
Guided by his past as a truck driver, his personal battles with alcoholism, and his deep religious faith, Governor Harold Hughes changed the trajectory of Iowa’s future during the tumultuous 1960s.


In an excerpt from Governors of Iowa: Robert D. Ray, two 1968 plane crashes in Iowa would test the governor's skills as a leader a and defender of fairness.
Listen to Governor Robert Ray's campaign jingle, sung by legendary performer Marilyn Maye using a rewritten version of "Step to the Rear (and Let a Winner Lead the Way)."
In 1962, Iowa Governor Harold Hughes called President John F. Kennedy to plead for clemency for federal death row inmate Victor Feguer, who was in prison in Iowa for murder.
In an excerpt from Governors of Iowa: Harold Hughes, the governor takes a helicopter tour of Iowa as part of his 1964 campaign.
Governors of Iowa

Leaders of Iowa have guided the state through legislative battles, cultural turmoil and international concerns. Intimate profiles of these governors bring viewers behind the scenes of pivotal moments in Iowa history.

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