Grant Wood paints while two people look over his shoulder.

Arts & Culture

The “arts” include creative activities such as graphic art, music and literature. The “culture” of Iowa includes the beliefs, customs and behaviors of different groups of people who live in the state. These two ideas—arts and culture—work together. The arts are a way to represent our diverse cultural traditions. We find out who we are as Iowans by researching our arts and culture.

People across the country and the world know about Iowa's arts and cultures. The struggle for civil rights is part of our culture. The culture of Iowa is also reflected in many other characteristics ranging from religious organizations to tourist attractions and from local festivals to political events. Iowa's culture is revealed in the past, present and future forms of communicating. Health conditions and epidemics tell the story of Iowa’s culture. Sports competitions and the way people use their free time explain a state’s culture.

A wide selection of artistic expression ranging from painting, building design and Native American bead work make up the arts. Performances of plays and dances, concerts and movies do as well. Books and Native American talk stories are also part of the arts. Examine the cultural traditions and artifacts of Iowa that make us "Iowans." 

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