Quest & Challenges

Your Quest:

Your quest is to find your own story of Iowa – what is interesting to you and why it is important. You will investigate Iowa people, places, events, and ideas. Discover your own pathway as you make connections between topics.

Follow four easy steps to complete your Quest:

  1. Browse the Site
  2. Choose a Topic
  3. Make Connections
  4. Tell Your Story

Start Your Quest!

Are You Ready for a Challenge?

After you complete a Quest, take your skills to the next level with a Challenge. This is your chance to test your research skills, dig deep into your topic, and find a way to share what you have learned.

There are four steps to each Challenge:

  1. Write a Question for Investigation
  2. Plan Your Research
  3. Analyze and Organize
  4. Publish and Reflect

Are you up to the task? Choose a Challenge and get started!

  • The Order of Things 
    Your task is to uncover a story based on a sequence of events over time in Iowa history.
  • Changing Times
    What does it mean when you hear people say the good old days? What was different back then? What is different now?
  • At This Moment
    Your task is to identify a moment that was significant in Iowa history.

Quest Trail Guide

Need help organizing your ideas? Download the Quest Trail Guide to help you along the way.

View the Quest Rubric to keep track of your progress.

Challenge Trail Guides

View these step-by-step guides for completing your research challenge.

View the Challenge Rubric to keep track of your progress.