Caring for the Land

Iowa's soil has made it very well suited for farming. That soil, however, needs to be protected. Without protection, the soil could be lost over time.

Managing Water on the Farm

Water is necessary for a farm, but it’s important that it only goes where the farmer wants it to! Check out how water can be controlled on a farm by visiting the Iowa Land Improvement Contractors Association (LICA) Farms.


Why might it be important to control where the water on a farm goes?

Conservation of Water on the Farm

When water flows underground, it can be hard to predict where it will go. Farmers use tile systems to guide water as it flows underground.


How can farmers use an underground tile system to make the most of the water that they have available to them?

Underground Tile System

Tile systems can help control the movement of water on a farm. 


How do tile systems control where water goes?

Planting Trees

Trees produce oxygen that allow people to breathe, but a lot of trees are being cut down for a multitude of reasons, including farmland. Conservationists, like David at Humboldt County Conservation, work to make sure that the land is still taken care of all over our state. 


How might you be able to help conservationists in a similar way?