Growing Plants

Just like people, plants inherit traits from their "parents." Using this knowledge, agricultural scientists are able to use the crops with the best traits to make sure future crops will be strong and healthy.

Developing Stronger, Healthier Corn

Dr. Magan Lewis of Corteva Agriscience breaks down the basics of plant genetics. How are plant genetics improved over time?


How are plant genetics approved over time?

Studying Plant Genetics With Pollination

Did you know that flowers aren’t the only plants that need pollination? All plants do! Scientists at Corteva Agriscience can make this process happen themselves in order to study plant genetics.


Why might it be important to carefully control pollination when studying these corn plants?

Feeding Plants the Right Food

Just like you, plants need water and food, along with sunlight, to survive. Think about how you feel when you eat too much. Check out exactly what plants need to grow!


Do you think that plants can have too much food?