Agriculture Technology

Farming is part of the fabric of Iowa, but the way that farmers work has changed greatly over time.

Farming is a Family Business

Farms in Iowa are often passed from generation to generation. Each generation of farmers experiences technological advances, meaning there is always a need to learn what's new. This family of farmers proves that you are never too young, or too old, to learn.


Over generations of farming, what do you think has changed and what may have stayed the same?

Farming With Drones

Farmers in Iowa are using drones to work more efficiently and ultimately save money. Check out how this technology from Rantizo is changing the way farmers work.


What other types of technology do you think could be useful in agriculture?

Technology Advancements for Iowa Farmers

Technology has changed the way a farmers do their job. For example, combines have improved a lot due to technological advancements in GPS, sensors and other features.


How do the technologies in this combine challenge your perception of farming?

1900 Farm at Living History Farms

Maybe you have responsibilities around the house, like making your bed or cleaning your room. At Living History Farms, they show what household responsibilities looked like on a farm over 100 years ago.


How has technology changed these responsibilities, and yours?