Challenge: Changing Times

What does it mean when you hear people say the good old days? What was different back then? What is different now?

Choose a point in time in Iowa’s history. Explore what life was like at that time. How did people live, work, and play? What were the big issues of the time? What were the hopes and fears of the people? Compare and contrast the past to what life is like today. What are the similarities? What are the differences? Why did the differences come to be? How has life in Iowa changed over time?

There are four steps to your Challenge:

  1. Write a Question for Investigation
  2. Plan Your Research
  3. Analyze and Organize
  4. Publish and Reflect

Example Question for Investigation: What was life like in a small Iowa town in 1918, and what is life like in a small Iowa town today?

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Quest Trail Guide

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