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Lowest cattle numbers since ‘62 sets the table for razor thin ‘23 and beyond. Winter storms slash across Texas and run towards West Virginia. Plus, the challenges of coming back to the farm and making your own way. Market analysis with Sean O’Leary.
Market Analysis
Sean O'Leary discusses the commodity markets.
Market Plus
Sean O'Leary discusses the commodity markets in a special web-only feature.
Market Feature
Adjusting to live in college and back home can be a challenge - especially when you enter the family farm in a completely different role than anything they've done before. That is the challenge facing Hannah Borg in Nebraska.
Winter weather sweeps across the South and up to the East Coast
Continued drought in cattle grazing regions of the United States has seen farmers and ranchers cut their animal numbers, reducing the size of the national cattle herd to levels not seen since 1962.
MtoM Podcast
The large production story of 2022 has left cattle in the field at the lowest level since 1962. What that means for producers, consumers and the economy is a big story coming according to Derrell Peel of Oklahoma State University.
Economic Outlook
Economic Outlook for February 3, 2023
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For more than four decades, Market to Market has covered the issues affecting the more than $1 trillion business of agriculture. Whether it’s global trade conflicts, environmental controversies, changing technologies or emerging enterprises, our reporters make it their business to explain the issues faced by the nearly 60 million people who live and work in rural America. And Market to Market’s team of experienced analysts has a long history of providing expert analysis of the major commodity markets and delivering insight into trends and strategies that help producers and processors cope with changing times.

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