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On this edition of Market to Market ... Low water levels plague a major shipping channel, again. Fighting back against the use of food as a weapon Breaking barriers in the vet clinic. And, market analysis with Chris Robinson.
Market Analysis
Chris Robinson discusses the commodity markets.
Market Plus
Chris Robinson discusses the commodity markets in a special web-only feature.
Market Feature
An online search for: “Who was the first female veterinarian in the United States,” generates top results that are a bit misleading. It wasn’t Dr. Florence Kimbell, nor Dr. Elinor McGrath. The search should have favored a woman who graduated seven years earlier: Dr. Mignon Nicholson.
Another summer of limited rain has greatly impacted shipping along the Mississippi River.
During opening debate at the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky defended his country’s attempts at maintaining port access to the Black Sea, which allows Ukrainian grain to be exported to global markets. 
MtoM Podcast
Automation is already in agriculture - but the full transition to driverless cabs is under study. The University of Missouri is now testing and researching on a autonomous and electric tractor. Dr. Jianfeng Zhou gives us a tour of the machine and discusses some of the topics surrounding this evolution.
Economic Outlook
This week's economic outlook has inflation readings and insight on the housing market.
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