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Season 47

Iowa looks to throttle up ethanol sales. The tally for 2022 climate disasters keeps climbing. Working to repel rabies. Market analysis with Matthew Bennett.
New evidence shines light on meatpacker activity at the start of COVID-19. The meat processing workflow at the local level. Hot and dry replaces cold and wet in the Grain Belt. Market analysis with Naomi Blohm.
The weather extremes of wildfires and drought. Cold and wet planting conditions remain the story of spring. The ongoing battle to fend off famine. Market analysis with Mark Gold.
Cattle Ranchers and Meat Processors are called to Capitol Hill. As the spotlight shines on prices from the grocery store to the packing house door. Riding roller coaster markets with dry beans and other pulse crops. Market analysis with Shawn Hackett.
Cold and wet conditions stall planting progress. The global economic ripple effect of the war in Ukraine. Pushing through the pitfalls of urban farming. Market analysis with Jeff French.
President Biden opens the door to E15. Spring weather intensifies from wind gusts to snowdrifts. Acreage debates are more than just price at the market. Market analysis with Angie Setzer.
Bird flock reductions extend to new states because of HPAI. Lower snowpack increases drought anxiety. Scientists uncover clues to possible COVID-19 treatments from pig cells. Market analysis with Chris Robinson.
Soybean, wheat and cotton acres grow as corn acres fall. Market reaction amidst global issues calls for expanded analysis. Time to assemble our panel of Naomi Blohm, Matthew Bennett and Ted Seifried.
Spring storm season opens with an outbreak in the South. Feeling the food shock waves thousands of miles from Russia’s attack on Ukraine A land lease program that benefits schools in Colorado. Market analysis with Elaine Kub.
World fertilizer stocks tighten. Avian influenza expands its reach. A startup advances pollen preservation. Market analysis with Arlan Suderman.

Early season tornadoes smash across the Midwest. Getting the greenlight for improvements on the Mighty Mississippi. Market analysis with John Roach.


The worldwide repercussions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Supply chain bottlenecks remain even as COVID cases drop. Market analysis with Don Roose.


A first look at acres is muted by an invasion. An anniversary of a trade war approaches. Market analysis with Ted Seifried.


Bird flu returns to the U.S. Ethanol comes under attack in a new study. Remembering last year’s Arctic Intrusion. Market analysis with Sue Martin.


The Phase One report card reveals a need for improvement. Early debate on the new Farm Bill includes familiar themes. The fight over water rights in the High Plains. Market analysis with Dan Hueber.


Most of the U.S experiences the 1-2 of winter. Planning for the next Farm Bill starts with conservation. The growing cost for medical marijuana. Market analysis with Mark Gold.


Economic impacts of a fluctuating ethanol market. Pork producers sharpen their defense against viruses and the ballot box. A voluntary push for electronic identification in cattle. Market analysis with Elaine Kub.


The Secretary gives an update on the rural economy. Moving grain downriver gets a boost from Congress. Market analysis with Angie Setzer and Chris Swift.


The buildup to major government reports receives a mild response. However, warm and wet weather in South America brought back some volatility. Naomi Blohm, Ted Seifried and Matthew Bennett breakdown the numbers.


A new year brings an old issue back to Washington. Widening packing house doors to increase competition. Breaking down the numbers on CRP. Market analysis with Jeff French.


Record snowfall in the Sierras. While winter weather finally arrives in the Midwest. Trade, meatpacking and COVID dominate our look back at 2021. Market analysis with Don Roose.


Pushback over Prop 12 - again. Cutting waste to reduce greenhouse gases. Netting big returns in fishing leads to the World Food Prize. Market analysis with Elaine Kub.


Wind filled with snow, dust and tornadoes whips across the country. Moving on to the next phase after the unique December storms. A dairy embraces giving during the pandemic. Market analysis with Naomi Blohm.


Pushback on RVO standards. No-snow November becomes Dry December. New tenets talk transition for one farming operation. Market analysis with John Roach.

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For more than four decades, Market to Market has covered the issues affecting the more than $1 trillion business of agriculture. Whether it’s global trade conflicts, environmental controversies, changing technologies or emerging enterprises, our reporters make it their business to explain the issues faced by the nearly 60 million people who live and work in rural America. And Market to Market’s team of experienced analysts has a long history of providing expert analysis of the major commodity markets and delivering insight into trends and strategies that help producers and processors cope with changing times.

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